BitScope News | 2020


Compute Module 4, the ideal embedded solution.

The Compute Module 4 (CM4) is a the latest addition to Raspberry Pi family.

Essentially it's a Raspberry Pi 4B without the physical LAN and USB I/O.It's smaller than Raspberry Pi 4B and it uses a new form-factor but the set of chips look familiar.

CM4 is not intended as a stand-alone product.Instead, it is a System on Module containing processor, memory, eMMC Flash and supporting power circuitry.It is designed to be embedded into custom systems and as such it's a perfect fit for bespoke designs BitScope creates for its customers.

When it comes to an off-the-shelf and complete embedded computing solution, that's low cost, easy to use, available everywhere and very well supported Raspberry Pi 4B retains the title of the industry's best solution.

However, for designs that are deeply embedded for which direct access to PCIe is vital where all the benefits of Raspberry Pi are available, CM4 is the ideal choice.Read More…


BitScope Cluster Blade and Raspberry Pi 4B 8G, Perfect!

It has been long suspected and today it's reality; the new Raspberry Pi 4 8G has been released !

We're excited about this because this new model represents a huge step up for commercial, industrial and cluster computing applications when used with our latest product Cluster Blade, which we're also announcing today.

Cluster Blade more than doubles the power of its predecessor, adding a full function control plane and active cooling system to turn this latest Raspberry Pi, with its 64-bit kernel running in 8G of RAM and booting over the network into the most powerful SBC cluster solution available.

Physically compatible with the same Rack and Cluster products as Quattro and leveraging BitScope's experience building Pi Clusters, Cluster Blade is specially designed to create robust industrial grade clusters of virtually any size with Raspberry Pi.

Cluster Blade offers more than twice the power capacity, full remote management for each node, pre-emptive cooling, system monitoring and integrated diagnostics support. We will also release a range of new Edge Rack and Cluster Module designs to take full advantage of Cluster Blade over the coming months. Read More...