BitScope News | 2001

2001-12-04 The website is running a new engine (behind the scenes). We hope you can't spot the difference ;-) It will enable us to update the site more frequently in future and add an online shop, user forums and more. Please email the Web Slave if you encounter difficulties browsing our new site.

2001-12-01 The wait is almost over ! Coming soon are lots of goodies for your BitScope including buffered logic probes, new PODs, software, updates and more. Stay tuned ;-)

2001-07-13 As requested by many of our US customers, we now have a low cost AC adaptor for BitScope. It's $ 9.95 plus postage and is suitable for stand-alone or single POD use in the USA.

20 MHz PIC

2001-06-22 First cab off the rank: the 20 MHz PIC Module is available now for just $ 19.95 plus postage. It is a solderless drop-in replacement for the existing PIC (including its own crystal).

If you've previously purchased a BitScope the upgrade is $ 14.95 plus postage and for new customers, KIT-03 and KIT-05 are now supplied with the 20 MHz PIC as standard.

2001-06-20 It's been quiet on the web site recently, but we've been hard at work behind the scenes ! Soon to come are a number of exciting new hardware upgrades. If you already have a BitScope don't worry, these upgrades are fully backward compatible and retrofittable.

In the pipeline: some major upgrades to the web site, including our very own user and developer forums as well as shopping, direct from the web site. Also we've got some new free software in the works to allow BitScope to be used just like an analog oscilloscope.

2001-02-09 Introducting the ProtoPOD kit PUP-02, available now for just $ 39.95 plus postage.

We've also updated the web site with a major rewrite of the design pages which now include a comprehensive tour of the hardware design, and we've put programmers' manual online so you can browse it at your leisure.

Scopal Software

2001-02-06 Innovatec's Scopal digital oscilloscope and logic analyser software just got better. Version 0.6 is available for download now !

This version supports the soon to be released 20 MHz PIC modification for BitScope which provides for 115k baud data upload the PC and modifies some of the data capture timing to allow faster data upload and display. More news on this mod shortly.

Also newly available in this revision of Scopal are trace save/retore, cursor cross-hairs for logic signal timing analysis, serial port auto detection and more.