WavePOD Hardware Design


WavePOD PCB Overlay (click to enlarge)

The WavePOD circuit consists of an 18 pin PIC, an 8 bit DAC, option switch, reset button and analog output circuit.

The PIC PortB is bussed to the DAC and BitScope's logic inputs (via the DB-25).

The DAC0800 generates complimentary outputs to drive a dual OP AMP (TL072) generating two 5Vpp signals which are connected to the POD analog inputs.

PortA (PA0-PA3) of the PIC is wired to DIP SW-1 which is used as an option switch. This allows one of 16 functions to be selected on reset. In our PIC, they are used to select the waveform: alter SW-1 settings and reset the WavePOD.

The circuit schematic is included in the downloads or may be viewed here.