Packet Formats

Command Packet Format

Command Packet Format

There are two BitScope Network packet formats:

  • Command (UAP to BitScope)
  • Reply (BitScope to UAP)

Both packet types are encapsulated as a UDP datagram payload.

Command Packet

The command packet consists of a single command ID (Cmd_ID) and 1 to 64 BitScope Commands. Cmd_ID is a sequence number that identifies the packet. It is returned in reply packet(s) to identify the command packet that produced them. The remaining 1 to 64 bytes are the sequence of command bytes passed to BitScope itself.

Reply Packet Format

Reply Packet Format

All but the last of these must be a simple command (ie, produces a single reply byte from BitScope).

Reply Packet

The reply packet comprises Network Adaptor ID (LIA_ID), command ID (Cmd_ID), reply ID (Data_Seq) and 1 to 95 BitScope data bytes.

The LIA_ID identifies which (of many) Network BitScopes is replying. The Cmd_ID identifies which command packet produced the reply packet. The Data_Seq identifies which reply packet it is (if more than one is produced for a given command packet). The remaining 1 to 95 bytes comprise the sequence of BitScope reply bytes and upload data produced by the connected BitScope.