VM-220 Upgrade

Kits for this upgrade are no longer available.

Unfortunately sourcing of components for the original BitScope kits is such that we are unable to continue to supply upgrades. However our latest software continues to work with the original VM-120 and VM-220 designs. If you need a serial port to interface with them and your PC does not have one, we recommend you use a third party USB/Serial adapter.

This errata describes the modifications needed to upgrade BK120E, BK120S and BS120S and all older BitScope kits to take advantage of the high speed host port available with VM-220 and use the BitScope DSO software.

The changes are the same regardless of whether you intend to use your upgraded BitScope with the network adaptor (BNA-01) or USB adaptor (BNA-03) or some other high speed interface of your own design.

The schematic fragment below indicates the changes required (click to enlarge).

VM-220 Hardware Upgrade Schematic

The following photo shows recommended component placement (solder side):

VM-220 Upgrade - Solder Side

This shows the positions of C-BNA-1, R-BNA-1, R-BNA-2 and VCC link (the capactor at the bottom left is not part of this upgrade). The next photo shows the recommended component placement for the component side:

VM-220 Upgrade - Component Side

C-BNA-2 is strapped across R6. Don't forget to check that R6 is a 10K resistor (in VM-120 BitScopes it may be a 1K0 resistor in which case should be replaced with a 10K).

This upgrade was previously available from the online store as a kit (BU220S, BU220N or BU220U) but has recently sold out and is now obsolete.

Last modified: Tue Dec 6 12:41:14 EST 2011