BitScope Circuit Design

This page describes the original BitScope design.

The BS300 and the later models are similar, the BS300 schematics are here.

The schematics below describe the main circuit. The next few pages walk you through the design. The sub-sections provide details of the analog circuits, A/D convertor and expansion POD.

This is the master BitScope schematic. All the following sheets show parts of this circuit in greater detail.

Schematic Sheet 1

Sheet 1

Power supply and serial interface circuits.

Schematic Sheet 2

Sheet 2

Logic Analyzer circuit.

Schematic Sheet 3

Sheet 3

Analog inputs, buffers and A/D convertor interface.

Schematic Sheet 4

Sheet 4

Vertical input channel buffer amplifiers.

Schematic Sheet 5

Sheet 5

If you have a PDF reader installed in your web browser, you can click on the thumbnails to see each schematic in detail.

You can also can download all five sheets in one zip file from our download area.

In addition to the main circuit, you can also view the schematics of our high speed A/D convertor.

A/D Convertor

A/D Convertor

and a circuit prototyping system called Proto POD

Proto POD

Proto POD

which connects to BitScope's Logic POD connector.

BitScope Main Board

Main Board