BitScope Library

BitScope Programming Library

BitScope Programming Library

Programming Library and Custom Applications for BitScope

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BitLib is a powerful but easy to use library for creating custom BitScope applications.

BitLib Scope

BitLib application talking to Sydney

Employing the same proven technology as the BitScope DSO Virtual Test Instrument software BitLib makes development easy with built-in support for:

  • Analog & Digital Data Capture
  • Mixed Signal Triggers & Events
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • Remote Data Logging & Control
  • Streaming Data Acquisition
  • USB and Ethernet Host links
  • Windows XP/7/8, OS X & Linux

BitLib takes advantage of BitScope's powerful mixed mode waveform and logic data capture and supports several programming languages and numerical analysis tools.

It also supports arbitrary waveform generation with full data upload capability and networked communications links for remote data acquisition applications, all from a single PC.

How It Works | The Library API

As explained in the design pages all BitScopes implement a virtual machine architecture which is programmed via short command scripts which operate on registers.

BitLib Programming API

This is simple in concept and very powerful but it can require an application to generate quite a few command scripts to perform a complete VM programming sequence.

BitLib streamlines the process generating the scripts on the fly to perform almost all programming sequences automatically.

It does this via a set of simple functions (see the BitLib API) which the application uses to communicate with and control one or more BitScopes.

Of course command scripts and registers may still be used. BitLib provides pass-thru functions to directly program the virtual machine this way if required.

However, in most situations the BitLib API on its own is capable of performing all the tasks needed for most test, measurement, waveform generation and data acquisition applications.

Requirements and Compatibility

BitLib supports Windows, Mac OS X (as a framework) and Linux (including ARM/Raspberry Pi).

BitLib is compatible with BS325, BS120, BS44x, BS30x, BS31x, BS100, BS50 and BS10.

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