BitScope Model 310

This product has been superseded.

We recommend BitScope Model 325 instead.

BitScope Model 310 Advertizement

Dual Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

BS310 is BitScope's classic design high performance Mixed Signal Oscilloscope designed for use with a PC or notebook.

Key features:

  • 100 MHz Analog Bandwidth Scope.
  • 40MS/s Logic Analyzer, 25nS capture.
  • Dual Analog Channels (4 inputs via BNC & POD).
  • 8 logic/timing channels and Smart Port.
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator.
  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Mixed Signal Data Recorder.
  • Networkable (BS310N).
  • User Programmable.

BS310 combines a dual channel digital storage oscilloscope and 8 channel logic analyzer with an arbitrary waveform generator, real-time spectrum analyzer and data recorder in a virtually indestructable package.

It is the ideal scope for dual channel analog, small scale digital or mixed signal applications.

BitScope 300 MSO

Robust Physical Design

BS310 is housed in a solid extruded aluminium case so it's well suited to harsh environments like student labs and engineering workshops.

The front panel provides access to the analog and logic inputs and includes 50 ohm termination switches on the BNC inputs and a switch for AWG control.

And on the back panel are the 12VDC power socket, USB (or Ethernet) connector and a ground reference.

Capture LEDs in analog channel colors (yellow and green) on the front panel provide live visual feedback of capture operation and USB (or network) connection, data and power LEDs on the back indicate power and communication status for the scope.

Powerful Software

BitScope DSO Software (BS310)

Included with BS310 is BitScope DSO, BitScope Design's powerful test and measurement software application.

When BS310 is powered on, the DSO presents a familiar dual channel digital oscilloscope display.

But there's much more to it than that.

By selecting the virtual instrument and split screen display buttons down the right side of the application you can select from an array of integrated test instruments.

Whether you're looking at waveforms down at audio frequencies or analyzing clock edges at the high speed of microcontroller and digital logic circuits, DSO and BS310 meet the challenge

And of course you can select the mixed signal or logic capture modes to analyze logic state transitions and timing or choose the spectrum analyzer to display waveforms and their spectra together, and all in real-time with display refresh rates as high as 50Hz.

Analog Probes

BS310 is compatible with industry standard oscilloscope probes.

BitScope Analog Probes (BS310)

The BitScope PRB-01 (pictured left) is the best choice for general low voltage work.

If offers switchable x1 and x10 attenuation, includes a full accessory kit and has a 100 MHz bandwidth to match the BS310 itself.

Other choices are available such as the x100 attenuating PRB-02 designed for working with higher voltages (600 V) or when an extremely high input impedance is required (100M ohm).

Of course if you already have standard 100 MHz ocilloscope probes they will work with BS310 which is why probes are optional when buying BitScope.

Logic Probes and Hardware Expansion

Like all BitScopes, BS310 has a Smart Port expansion connector on the front panel.
This is where you can connect high speed buffered logic probes such as LP103W.

BitScope Logic Probes (BS310)

Design for use with TTL, 3.3V and 5V CMOS logic, these probes also provide test clip access to the two additional analog inputs provided on BS310's connector.

Of course the POD connector is not just for connecting logic probes. It can also be used for special function and software controlled signal processing modules such as waveform generators, RF convertors and probes.

The key to this capability is the POD connector's 12V and 5V power, ground and serial I/O pins. This makes it possible to connect your own circuits to BS310 with the BitScope providing power, serial control and data capture for your own circuits.

PC Connectivity

BS310 is a PC based test instrument and you can choose to connect via USB (Model BS310U) or Ethernet (Model BS310N).

USB offers plug and play convenience and is well suited to single desktop or notebook use.

Networking is ideal when remote connection between the PC and the BitScope (via a local LAN or the Internet) is required. It also offers the ability to share one BitScope between several PCs or control multiple BitScopes from one (or more) PCs.

The network BitScope is also electrically isolated (to the same standard as ethernet) which can be very important in some high voltage or electrically noisy environments.

If you need both, BS310N can be used with most third party USB/Ethernet adaptors.