BitScope News | 2012


BitScope now Windows 8 Compatible

Some BitScope Software is now Windows 8 compatible and the rest soon will be.

Windows 8 Compatibility

The first applications that are running are DSO and Logic and we're working on Chart, Meter and the Library for the end of the year.

We've also improved the software when run on Windows 7 64-bit systems and the USB driver installation (if required) is now fully automatic (if you're connected to the Internet).

BitScope DSO has been updated to support new features such as RF mode for use with BS10 and color coded triggers.

The display engine waveform rendering has been improved and Windows 8 systems now rival the Mac OSX and Linux platforms for waveform display resolution and quality. Numerous bugs have also been fixed (see the change log in the download packages) so download the updates if you're running a new Windows 8 or Windows 7 64-bit system!


User Guide for BitScope DSO

BitScope DSO 2.5 is the latest version of our premier mixed signal software for all BitScopes.

DSO 2.5 | User Guide

This new version adds many features and optimizations so to get you started we have published a new DSO User Guide.

It introduces Act On Touch, our innovative gesture based user interface for quick and easy mouse, track-pad or touch-screen use.

It explains how display focus works to view and scroll waveforms, how display cursors can be used for waveform measurements and how to use tracking and assignment for input offsets, trigger level and time focus.

It also covers less obvious parameters such as the sample rate, data mode, frame rate and phosphor mode as well as some new features found in recent models such as input sensing and device discovery.

BitScope DSO 2.5 is recommended for all BitScopes including BS10.


Windows and Linux 64-Bit Software Packages

BitScope DSO and BitScope Logic are now available as 64-bit apps for Windows 7 and Linux.

BitScope 64-Bit Native Software

This means you can now run these applications on 64-bit Linux systems without the need for multi-architecture libraries and on both Windows and Linux the apps benefit from faster 64-bit execution.

This change is made possible with the release of the new BitScope Library which is also 64-bit native. We will soon have 64-bit updates for our other apps including BitScope Chart and BitScope Meter to take advantage of 64-bit operation as well.

The new library also makes BS10 available to programmers for the first time. It's now possible to write your own apps or adapt third party software for use with this very popular model.


BitScope Logic, Chart and Meter HAL Updates

BitScope BS10 Software

The HAL Update beta series releases of

are now available for BitScope BS10 and all other BitScope models.

These applications now benefit from the same high performance hardware abstraction layer (HAL) used by BitScope DSO.

It provides faster capture, reliable USB and network connectivity and compatibility with every BitScope model from the latest BS10 to older models released over the past 10 years including BS50, BS310 and BS300.

These applications are compatible with Windows and Linux with Mac OSX compatibility coming soon. Also coming soon is a new HAL based API designed to allow BitScope BS10 to be used in customised test, measurement and data acquisition applications. More news later this month.


BS10U | BitScope BS10

BitScope BS10 is a unique new test instrument combining a powerful Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Protocol Analyzer, Waveform and Clock Generator, Spectrum Analyzer and Data Recorder in one tiny USB powered device.

BitScope BS10

It offers 10 capture channels (2 analog + 8 digital) with 100 MHz analog bandwidth, 40 MSps logic speed and up to 12 bits analog resolution as well several output channels for its signal generators, triggers and external control signals.

BS10 is fast with a frame rate up to 100 Hz driving a digital phosphor display. It works just like a quality stand-alone scope. View waveforms, plots, spectra and more on its smooth flowing real-time screen. Even live capture logic data can be viewed this way.

Alternatively large buffers support high speed one-shot capture with post-capture zoom, scrolling and measurement, or it can stream direct to disk for off-line replay and analysis.

Software is included for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Features include mixed signal, storage and sampling oscilloscopes, logic timing, SPI, CAN, I2C and UART packet decoders, a spectrum analyzer, X-Y phase plotter and data recorder. BS10U may be purchased online here.