BitScope News | 2002

Comming soon

2002-05-31 New products, upgrades and more

It's been a while since we updated the BitScope website as we've been busy preparing for a number of big updates.

Coming soon to BitScope: the public release of our new DSO software, our low cost function generator WavePOD, new web services, and the big one: the BitScope Network Interface Adaptor (pictured).

As they say, stay tuned, you won't be disappointed.

LabVIEW interface for BitScope

2002-02-20 LabVIEW Interface for BitScope

National Instruments' LabVIEW can now be used with BitScope !

LabVIEW is a measurement and automation system for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It uses graphical programming based on "Virtual Instruments" to allow the creation of test and measurement programs without writing any code.

The LabVIEW Interface for BitScope provides a set of Virtual Instruments you can use to control BitScope, acquire captured analog and digital data, and analyze it with LabVIEW.

BitScope DSO Demo

2002-02-06 New BitScope DSO Software

Available now is BSDemo, a demontration version of our forthcoming Digital Oscilloscope software for BitScope. It is designed to take full advantage of the new analog features of PIC VM 120.

Built with Borland Kylix and Delphi, BSDemo runs on both Windows and Linux ! This software will form the basis of a cross-platform open source DSO project for BitScope which we'll be launching soon.

You may download and run BSDemo free of charge. A BitScope is not required to use it. We seek your feedback and comments about the DSO features we've put into BSDemo to refine its design ahead of our first release.

Scopal Beta 0.7.1

2002-01-23 Scopal Beta 0.7.1 released

Scopal is a feature rich Windows application for BitScope.

It works with all BitScope PIC Virtual Machines and all baud rates.

This release adds a "Digital Phosphorescence" display, X/Y and continuous overlay data plotting, WYSIWYG print preview for captured data, analog data interpolation, text file data exports and much more.

This Scopal release is available for download free of charge.

VBScope Basic Edition

2002-01-15 Introducing IDS VBScope

VBScope is a brand new 32-bit Windows application for your BitScope !

It works with all BitScope PIC Virtual Machines at all baud rates.

Designed to work just like an analog scope with a built-in logic analyzer, VBScope has a familiar interface, with standard 1-2-5 horizontal and vertical scale controls, an 8 x 10 oscilloscope display, and 8 channel logic display.

VBScope Basic Edition is available for download free of charge.

BSOSC for PIC BC000120

2002-01-09 BSOSC now supports PIC VM 120

BSOSC oscilloscope software now autodetects PIC VM 120.

BSOSC is Jamie Honan's GPL licensed Tcl/Tk BitScope interface. You can download binaries for Windows and Linux as well as full source code for both platforms free of charge.

This revision (0.6) supports the 115 kbaud upload of VM 120 among other things. As Jamie says, "I am interested in feedback. Originally I wrote this for my own use. If enough people find it useful I'll keep adding features."

PIC BC000120

2001-12-20 Enhanced Analog Support for BitScope

Announcing our new PIC VM 120 for BitScope !

Employing the latest PIC technology from Microchip, VM 120 adds digital signal processing and data compression features to BitScope.

Now BitScope can now be used to replace an analog scope in many situations with fast refresh "analog style" waveform displays on your PC. It also significantly increases upload speeds and adds new DSO and logic analyzer features. Read the overview or download the draft manual.

All new BitScopes ship with this upgrade installed. Upgrades are also available for existing BitScope owners for just $ 7.95 plus postage.


2001-12-17 New Logic Probes for BitScope

Our new LogicPOD logic probes are now in stock.

The passive POD-02 is just $ 27.95 and the active POD-03 is $ 32.95.

Both probes include 10 test leads and EZ-HOOK miniclips.

Designed exclusively for BitScope, LogicPOD is available in two versions. The active POD-03 is for high speed logic and has buffered inputs. The passive POD-02 is intended for lower speed logic and use with related products such as our forthcoming WavePOD.