BitScope High Speed A/D

Our new technology ADC module for BitScope plugs into the existing PCB to extend analogue data capture bandwidth beyond 70 MHz. It is also a useful ADC for your own through-hole PCB designs.

New TI5540 ADC Module for BitScope

Check out these features:

  • 3dB input bandwidth beyond 70 MHz.
  • Sample rate up to 40 MHz.
  • Subsample data aquisition to 100 MHz.
  • Low noise surface mount design.
  • Diode circuit clamps input voltage.
  • Plug-in replacement for existing ADC.

Unlike the Motorola MC10319 or Exar 8786 it replaces, this ADC can be used with BitScope's clock doubler circuit. However, whether you want to do this will depend on your data capture application.

Further, using sub-sampling techniques, is it possible to capture signals up to 100 MHz even when running it at a sample rate of 25 MHz. These and other interesting subjects are discussed in the following pages.

The ADC is available now from our online store as a module (ADC-02). By popular demand, you can now also purchase the PCB for this module (PCB-07) in panels of 10.